#VALUE Errors

#VALUE Errors happen when there is text (letters) in a field that is looking for numbers.

  • Usually it happens when there is a space in a number field (like Date Written or Date Paid)
  • It appears that the field is blank, but it actually has the space, which causes the error.
  • The space usually gets there from someone copying and pasting a space from another field.


1) Open the PRODUCER file that is causing the error

  • The file causing the error will have the error on their PAYROLL screen in the Auto, Fire, Life, Health, Bank, Mutual Fund or Other column.
  • If a file ONLY has the erorr in the TEAM TARGET bonus & TOTAL BONUS columns, it is probably not the source of the error (and don't need to do anything with this file).

2) Determine which product line (Auto, Fire, etc) is causing the error

3) Go to the HOME PAGE

4) Click on the Product Entry Screen for the line that has the error (i.e. Auto Entry, Fire Entry, etc.)

5) Look for field with blank spot under...

  • Policy Policy is Written
  • Date Bonus is Paid

6) Click on all boxes that are blank (in lines where other client data is entered) and press the DELETE key

7) Check the PAYROLL screen to confirm the error has been fixed.

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