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Meet our clients who have benefited from the bonus system AND helped us to constantly improve it over the last 20 years.

Wade is exceptional at building and implementing compensation plans that mirror our scorecard allowing me to work less and make more in my time at the office.

A good comp plan will ALWAYS be needed, take the step! 

Dane Donaldson - Insurance Agency Owner - Strongsville, OH

More time is spent on making your sales than tracking your bonus.

When you are watching your goals be met, or striving for that last straw, it really generates a vibe of excitement, which I feel is helpful in the work and sales environment.

I've saved many hours within a week that were spent on bonus tracking,

and now I'm using those extra hours to generate more sales opportunities. Thank you.

Tonya Ryan - Licensed Sales Representative - Coral Springs, FL

These Clients Love SMART So Much, They Traveled to Help Tell Other Agency Owners About It

Thanks Guys!

Craig Griffiths, Insurance Agency Owner

Larry Hall, Insurance Agency Owner


We have been using The Smart Bonus System for about 15 years and it has been fantastic.

Wade and his folks are great to work with and make it all easy.

No matter what your agency size is, it will make your business better and more efficient.

Craig Bagley - Insurance Agency Owner – Weatherford, Texas

Smart is definitely one of the reasons why my agency has seen tremendous growth in the last few years.

Our accountability is way up and the many reports that are offered help dig deep into what problems and corrective measures I may need to address and implement with my team.

Julian Garza - Insurance Agency Owner - Weslaco, TX

Accountability used to be a big headache - not now.

One team member went from writing 4 life policies to writing 62 this year alone.

Smart Bonus was not the only reason, but it didn't hurt to see the bonus come in every time she added a life.

Team members record their production. I'm not the best on computer. If I can use it anyone can use it.

As a 30Yr + agent I have tried many bonus programs. Some my own creation, others borrowed from other agents. None worked as good as Smart Bonus.

Mark Hodson - Insurance Agency Owner - Tahlequah, OK

I've been using SMART Bonus System since 1/1/07 & I've seen a steady increase in our monthly production.

App count is up 22% for the year, and 85% for June.

Premium dollars collected has increased with each passing month.

My team members are making more money under this system, & more importantly, so am I.

Brent Cooper - Insurance Agency Owner - Dallas, TX

I love the SMART Bonus System.

It provides me with a lot of information about my team's individual production and the agency.

The system is easy to use for my team and me.

Wade is always very helpful when I have questions.

Lizette Cochran - Insurance Agency Owner - Palm Harbor, FL

SMART provides an easy way to allow staff to work at their own pace, knowing that their income is unlimited, and they can look at their bonus at any time, as well as determine how to increase it.

They know they will get paid what they are worth, not merely what the job is worth.

Producers do all or most of the entry, and all I need to do is "spot check" to assure accuracy.

Sure beats playing with charts, graphs, company production reports, and lots of paper!

SMART saves me a minimum of 3 hours a month.

I book at $250-300 per hour, so this is a terrific value. What is YOUR time worth?

The bonus opportunity pushes people to see what they can aspire to.

Any support questions or confusion are generally cleared up with one phone call or email.

Fast, accurate, easy to understand explanations & solutions + suggestions to help me focus on my business.

So far you all have surpassed my expectations! I appreciate your follow-up.

Greg Shilakis - Insurance Agency Owner - Bensenville, IL

Having a fair and functional bonus system is critical for my agency.

I have never seen a better bonus system than the SMART system.

Add in exceptional service and I believe this is a winning choice for any agency. 

Bill Conley - Insurance Agency Owner - Richmond, VA

The system is very simple to use and helps to track productivity, number of apps and average premiums for each staff member individually.

I can have a fairly complex bonus system but staff easily does the input and knows at all times what they are making and what they can make.

Wade and I looked at each person as a profit center and adjusted team bonuses to reflect what the agency could afford to pay for various results.

I don't ever have to manually do anything.

SMART probably saves me at least an hour a month.

Producers can figure out how much it is possible to make.

The best part is staff's ability to track their own progress.

Marilyn Lewis - Insurance Agency Owner - Carson City, NV

We experienced a very good production increase this year due mainly to the new bonus system.

Thanks for your help!

Dennis Bradford - Insurance Agency Owner - Mayfield, KY

 Smart Bonus System has been essential to maintaining an ongoing snapshot of how my agency is performing.

I can measure each producers' & show them how to demonstrate accountability for their contributions.

Thanks to Wade and his team for their continued support! 

Sean McCarthy - Insurance Agency Owner - Garden City, NY

The system is simple and it works. 

Another thing that I do not need to worry about every month. 

 Bill Hagan - Insurance Agency Owner - Boynton Beach, FL

While MARCH 2012 Production was a Birthday gift from my staff to me,

Bridget whispers to me that she thinks it was really the Smart Bonus Incentives.

The smaller increments of app production by line seemed to have caught their attention.

We are finally paying the smaller base, larger bonus that makes Sales Sense.

Thanks for everything, if you need a referral, please tell that Agent to call us!

With Appreciation for everything that you so generously do.

Judy Gleason - Insurance Agency Owner - Chicago, IL

Motivates your staff to produce & tracks everything without any input on your part.

I have been using it for 16 years now & my only regret is not using it earlier. 

 Tim Modesitt - Insurance Agency Owner - Vero Beach, FL

I've been on Smart Bonus System for about 6 months, and I've been able to go to a 30 hour work week.

I've taken my lapse cancellation rate from 21% down to 16%.

I think it's a great investment of your time.

My team has clarity in their ability to work with customers and know what's expected of them.

If you're even thinking about it, I would go on ahead and definitely buy the program and get into it.

You'll get out of it much more than what you put into it. €

Larry Hall - Insurance Agency Owner - Richland, WA

The bonus tracker along with the coaching & clarity of the job descriptions has done wonders to my agency.

I've dropped over 4% lapse rate on my auto and fire, over the last five months.

Production's up. I'm working four days a week.

Thank you Wade.

I really appreciate all you have done for me. Thank you.

 Craig Griffiths - Insurance Agency Owner - Richland, WA


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